Around Us

The strategic position of Favone at the entrance to the great south of Corsica, will allow you to reach in less than an hour the Bavella massifs with its hikes and its natural pools, Bonifacio with its citadel built on the edge of the cliff, to the Lavezzi islands with its luxuriant terrestrial and aquatic fauna and flora, to Corte the historical capital of Corsica with its mountain lakes Melo and Capitello, to Porto-Vecchio with its famous beaches of Palombaggia and Santa Gjiulia and much more . ..

To See

To Do

In love with our mountains and our sea, I will always be avalaible to help you discover my remote island 

The Beaches

Visits, Museums and Archaeological Sites

Hiking, Sports & Leisure

  • Big game fishing (Solenzara harbor)
  • Canyoning
  • River swimming (La Solenzara, Le Cavu)
  • Golf (Lezza à Porto-Vecchio, Sperone à Bonifaccio)
  • Via Ferrata à Chista
  • Bavella
  • L’Ospédale

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