Cucuruzzu Castle

If the human presence in Corsica is estimated at -10 000 before J-C and that one finds traces of proto-Corsican civilization towards -5 000 before J-C, the Casteddu of Cucuruzzu dates him from the age of old bronze (1 800 before J-C).

It is one of the biggest and imposing fortifications of Corsica, abandoned by its inhabitants in the IIIrd before our era.
This fortress village (a casteddu) of about 450m2 even allows to imagine the places where the inhabitants exercised their activities of pottery, weaving, etc…

This magnificent walk through a real fairy tale forest with dreamlike rocks is to be done in family and will allow you to discover not only the site of Cucuruzzu but also the more recent Casteddu of Capula (a medieval site built in the 10th century).

Do not hesitate to finish this discovery by visiting the museum of Alta Roca in Levie where the pieces discovered on this site are exposed.

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