A Cupulatta

A Cupulatta

A Cupulatta (Turtle in Corsica) is a unique park in Europe of 2,5 ha where you can discover 170 species of terrestrial and aquatic turtles present on all the continents of the globe. The nursery with the baby turtles is particularly touching. An extraordinary discovery for all the family. Want to go further to discover …

Cucuruzzu Castle

Vue du Casteddu Cucuruzzu Capula

If the human presence in Corsica is estimated at -10 000 before J-C and that one finds traces of proto-Corsican civilization towards -5 000 before J-C, the Casteddu of Cucuruzzu dates him from the age of old bronze (1 800 before J-C). It is one of the biggest and imposing fortifications of Corsica, abandoned by …

Capo Pertusato Bonifacio

Phare de Pertusato

A nice walk to do around Bonifacio starting at the Semaphore of Pertusato, breathtaking view on the citadel, limestone cliffs cut by the wind and the sea, beaches and creeks to swim. Want to go further to discover our region :Around usTourism office of Bonifacio


Eglise St Jean

In the 14th century, the Genoese decided to move the residence of the governors from the site of Biguglia, which was very exposed to external attacks, to a rocky promontory located above a fishing village (Portu Cardu) where they built a bastion and then surrounded it with a citadel. It then developed from this bastion …